Why DateRich.co is Better than Tinder for some people

If you are eager to sign up with a dating site my advice to you is to take your time to do some research. It is important that you do some due diligence on your first before deciding on which dating site to join rather than joining the ‘bandwagon’ and creating a profile on popular dating websites such as Tinder. 

In recent times, there has been an influx of new members to Tinder dating platform, only for many of them to regret their actions a short time later. The truth is, you need to ask yourself the honest question of – ‘what do I really want from a dating site?’. It is only when you are able to successfully answer this question that you will soon realize that you were probably better off considering other platforms

Tinder Dating Site Issues

Tinder may have millions of active members, a mobile app that allows you to link up with other apps like Snapchat and Spotify, and even a cool swipe feature which enables you to either ignore the profile of someone or like it. Tinder also caters for different members including LGBTQ. But as nice as the Tinder dating platform is, it still has some obvious issues that are worth mentioning. 

At this point, it is probably better to list these issues as they are bit much;

  • Tinder is catered for the masses, too mass in fact. To the point where you will find it difficult to find the exact match that you want. For example, an average person takes up to 3 weeks before they find their first match which is very time consuming.
  • The information contained in the Tinder profiles of members are quite limited. 
  • There is also limited security with regards to the authenticity of Tinder profiles.
  • While the swipe feature is nice, the display picture of members (in their profile) is only shown for a few seconds. This limits your ability to make the right decisions when it comes to choosing other members on Tinder to connect with, as you have to decide in just seconds. 
  • Tinder is not kind to new male members except if they are premium paying members. If you are a new male member of Tinder, you are only visible (and would probably get many matches) in just a couple of weeks at most. However, you will end up having less matches as time goes by simply because of your free membership status. To be able to remain visible and stack up your matches count, you will need to subscribe to their premium service and be a premium member. 
  • Members connect or match up with other members mainly on the basis of looks. So, you can call Tinder a dating site for people looking for a ‘quickie’ or a one-night stand. Yes, you may have the occasional match ups that turn out to be more than just a fling, but this is more likely to be the exception rather than the rule. 
Why DateRich is Better than Tinder

DateRich.co to the Rescue!

DateRich.co is one of the top online dating sites in Hong Kong. It provides a platform where wealthy and rich guys called sugar daddies can link up with pretty women known as sugar babes for mutually beneficial and honest  relationships. You can even find discreet and secret arrangements on the website too!

Free is Free!

With the Tinder dating platform issues highlighted above, you might want to check out other viable online dating sites like DateRich.co. Unlike Tinder, DateRich.co is a completely free to use site.

While Tinder first lures you into signing up with them for “free”, you would still need to become a premium member if you want to fully optimize your use of the site or app. This makes many people to initially sign up with Tinder only to leave a short time afterwards when it dawns on them that they need to pay a premium fee to maximize their use of the site. 

DateRich.co is different in this regard as the website is absolutely free for the ladies to use. For men, it’s free to send the first message too. Only when a real verified sugar baby replies you, you can choose to upgrade to a premium member cheaply, to start conversing with sugar babies! DateRich.co offers a platform where sugar babes and sugar daddies can discreetly link up for honest relationships or secret arrangements!. 

More Comprehensive Profile Info

Tinder profiles are not comprehensive, so you really do not know too much about the people you are interested in before connecting with them. This often results in disappointment and frustration. However, with DateRich.co sugar babes and sugar daddies have access to profiles that have much more information. 

DateRich.co takes pride in ensuring that all their members are verified for security purposes. In addition, all their registered members are expected to provide some key data before their profile information can be accepted and made visible to other members.  

A Niche Dating Site

If you are finicky about the type of online dating sites to join, then you might find Tinder a bit overwhelming, as Tinder is open to virtually anyone looking for a relationship and that includes also lesbian and gay relationships. 

With DateRich.co, you have a site that is designed specifically to cater for the needs of people looking to connect with rich men for companionship or romance. This clarity of identity and purpose is what differentiates DateRich.co from Tinder as well as many other similar dating sites. 

More than just Looks!

Finally, Tinder only offers members a chance to hookup with other members primarily on the basis of physical attraction. With DateRich.co, a sugar baby can enter into secret arrangements with a sugar daddy on the basis of mentorship or even career advancement.

So, while Tinder relationships are often hinged on just lust, relationships on DateRich.co can be based on much more than just physical looks. Members on DateRich.co are likely to gain much more (financially and otherwise) from using the site than those on Tinder.