Why DateRich.co is the Tinder for the Rich in Hong Kong

If there is something that is common amongst most rich people, it is the sense of exclusiveness. This is where rich people want to feel like whatever service they are receiving (and in all areas of endeavor) is premium, top class and exclusively reserved for the likes of them. This same sense of exclusiveness also applies in the world of online dating. 

Tinder is one of the most widely used online dating sites and apps around, but while many rich people are members of Tinder and often premium members at that, there is still a sense that the site was not designed exclusively for their use. Tinder is too mass and generic in nature.

In Hong Kong, there are many wealthy men looking for a dating network where they can discreetly hangout and make secret arrangements with ladies. Fortunately, their desires are now being met by DateRich.co, a dating site that provides rich men a platform where they can meet and make secret arrangements with attractive women in Hong Kong. 

While Tinder is an open site that welcomes membership from all strata of society, DateRich.co is exclusively reserved for rich, wealthy men who are called sugar daddies and pretty, young women who are known on the site as sugar babes. 

Tinder for the Rich in Hong Kong

How DateRich.co Works

To use DateRich.co, you “simply” have to be either a pretty, attractive woman or a rich, wealthy man residing in Hong Kong. By visiting the DateRich.co site and clicking the Join button, you will begin your journey into being an active member of the online dating site. 

You will be expected to provide personal information for verification purposes and also to update your private profile information which will be visible to other interested members. 

In this regard, DateRich.co is similar to other online dating platforms like Tinder, but because DateRich.co is designed to meet the needs of elite members of the Hong Kong society, special security measures, such as; advanced firewalls and SSL encryption technology are in place to protect their interests. 

At best effort basis, all female members are also verified by the website to ensure that only genuine ladies looking for sugar daddies are members of the site. There is zero tolerance for miscreants, scammers and unscrupulous individuals looking to misuse the platform for nefarious and criminal activities. And if reported, the website bans the user immediately.

When you click on the Join button, you can create an absolutely free account. Your profile is also created in 3 simple steps. Next, you will need to upload a recent photograph, which you can easily obtain  from Facebook or even Tinder profiles. 

Find Companionship on DateRich.co 

Similar to Tinder, DateRich.co offers rich men an opportunity to find attractive women that they can establish a mutually beneficial relationship with. There are lots of interesting sugar babes to choose from and once you have joined this dating network, you can immediately start sending real-time text messages to those sugar babes that pique your interest. 

Your messages are discrete and not open to public view. You can then discuss and arrange secret arrangements with a sugar baby that has attracted you. 

DateRich.co is aware that many of its members are quite busy and may not have time to check and reply to contacts from other members, so they ensure that their members are instantly notified whenever they are contacted by other interested members of this dating network. 

The Exclusiveness of DateRich.co 

As mentioned earlier, DateRich.co gives rich men a sense of exclusiveness, as they know that the site is designed to meet their need for making connections with willing sugar babes. 

Likewise, a sugar baby knows that this dating network provides them with an opportunity of meeting with rich guys that are ready to spend money in pampering them. The clarity of the site leaves no one in doubt as to why they have joined DateRich.co. 

Everyone on this dating site knows what to expect, which cuts out the long, tedious process of trying to establish relationships (intimate or otherwise) with other members which is what obtains with online dating sites like Tinder. Indeed DateRich.co is more than just a Tinder-like dating site, it is an exclusive playground for wealthy men and attractive women looking for a platform where they can connect.