How a Babe became Successful after the First Date

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How a Sugar Baby became Rich after the First Time

Meeting a Rich Guy for the First Time?

As a babe, are you meeting your potential “Mr. RIGHT” who can be your perfect date for the first time?  

How can you navigate the conversation, especially if you’d like the secret arrangement to be discreet? How do you take conversations that you had from to real life, and make sure the conversation isn’t awkward, is respectful and meets your expectations? Especially if you don’t know if the potential date is the right date for you? 

Well, look no further. We’re here to give you top 10 tips on how to initiate a conversation with your potential date in Hong Kong.

#1. Start with understanding each other’s background

First step is obviously get to know what he does for a living! A little professional background information never hurts. You might have gotten a hint of what profession or line of business that your sugar daddy Hong Kong is into, but you can come up with the “what do you do?” question to get to know him a bit more. It also gives you a sense if the person works in a legitimate line of work or not, and that gives you an idea if he is someone trustworthy. 

Besides, most successful men love this question as it gives them a chance to express all their accomplishments. This way you can also get an idea what kind of character the potential sugar daddy is, which will help you decide if this is the person you would like to date too. 

When you ask about the background of your sugar daddy, you can get valuable information that will help you in determining his wealth. This will also help you in knowing what kind of perks you can expect from him. Also, asking about his background will open up more possible questions that you could ask, so be a good listener!

#2. Ask about your Sugar Daddy’s Hobbies:

After getting a good sense of his professional life, you would want to lighten up the conversation. So go next with his hobbies, and ask what he likes or loves doing in his spare time and after a hectic work schedule. 

This is a great question to ask, because it does not only help you get to know what your sugar daddy likes doing when he’s not working, but also when exactly he makes out time off work. That gives you a good sense of when you can spend time with him too, without affecting his work commitments.

This is a great way to understand his schedule without actually asking him upfront. Besides you two may share similar hobbies and you could spend hours just talking about the hobbies too.

Tip: Always brush his ego by saying stuff like – “oh, I bet you actually really a great swimmer” or “I’m sure you have a lovely voice”, if he loves karaoke for example. 

#3. Talk about Current Affairs:

Your date does not only want an attractive Sugar Baby, but also one that is knowledgeable about what’s going around her and that demonstrates intelligence. It would be nice if you do some research on current affairs as it relates to a number of topics, such as; his line of business or profession, politics, sports, movies, music and so on.

Tip: Men love to talk about politics, so show your sugar daddy that you’re mature as well as beautiful intellectually!

#4. Give sugar daddy some flavour about yourself: 

Now that you have gotten to know a bit more about your potential sugar daddy, you should let him know a little bit more about yourself. However, be sensible with what you say, and try not to talk too much, and only give the important details like your birthday, your hobbies, what foods you like, your aspirations and so on. 

Do not bore your date with stories of hardship, emotional trauma and so on on the first date. Its important to remember that the first date is to negotiate, showing your vulnerabilities won’t help you with that. You will get your chance to open up to him when the arrangement is decided. Not giving up too much information will also keep your sugar daddy curious for the next meet too.

Tip: Take your time in revealing yourself. 

#5. Talk about Travels:

If your sugar daddy likes to travel, he may have exciting stories to tell you which keeps the conversation going. It also gives you a sense if he is someone who can meet your traveling needs. He may also suggest that you two could go visiting one or more of those places (if you suggest it right). 

Tip: Talking about travelling experiences can be a really ice-breaker when you are on your first date with your wealthy date, so take every opportunity to bring up this common topic.

#6. Be frank and open about your expectations or arrangements:

Finally, after spending an hour or so understanding your potential sugar daddy. It is time to chat directly about what arrangements both of you are seeking. 

Don’t be afraid, and be honest about what you’re looking for. If the conversation went well, and he likes you, he will be more than happy to meet your expectations.

But be sensible too, don’t ask for astronomical allowance that makes no sense. For example, don’t ask for a CEO salary. That is often one of the biggest mistakes any sugar baby can make. How much allowance you can get really depends on how much income the sugar daddy makes. You’ll also come across as greedy and unrealistic too.

Go with the 20% rule. Ask for nothing more than 20% to 30% of his income. It will give genuine a sugar daddy confidence that you care and want a long term arrangement. Securing a long term allowance commitment is more important than just having a short term relationship.

However, if the number does not work for you, nor meet your needs, be honest about it too. At the end of the day, you definitely want to be happy before you commit your heart into any relationship. This is a speed dating session after all, and being upfront and honest lays the foundation to a long term successful relationship.

In Closing

While you may feel comfortable socialising with your peers and people of your age group, you may feel shy, overwhelmed or even intimidated with going on a date with a much older man. The truth is, no one really knows what to expect when you meet your sugar daddy Hong Kong for the first time. But what you can do is go prepared with some ‘ice-breakers’ like the ones in this post, and you should be able to create a meaningful conversation that will help you make the best decision for yourself.