Top 5 Premium Dating Sites in Hong Kong

As a single women living in Hong Kong, have you ever wondered how you can meet directly with a genuine rich guy? Have you been disappointed by the many indiscrete dating sites out there, who do little to help you connect with real-life men wishing to spend their time and money on you and give you the pampering of a lifetime? Well, if you seek successful relationships with rich men in Hong Kong, you may find it a bit cumbersome finding a trusted and reliable dating site.

This post reveals the top 7 dating sites in Hong Kong that you should know about while also providing valuable insight into which one of the seven online dating platforms offer the best resource for meeting and dating real, wealthy and discrete men in Hong Kong. 

#1. Coffee Meets Bagel:

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With Coffee Meets Bagel, as a sugar baby you can connect and meet up with sugar daddies that share a common interest with you. This is a decent way to meet with someone that shares music interests or hobbies with you. However, the drawback with Coffee Meets Bagel is that you may come across as being too forward if you hook up with a man and immediately make your intentions known to him. 

While there are definitely sugar daddies navigating this dating site for willing sugar babies, but because this site is not exclusively for such arrangements, they may be cautious in the way they handle their relationships with ladies on the site. 

They may seem shy, withdrawn and may only connect with you based on your common interests even though they may want more than just a platonic relationship. This site may cost you an enormous amount of time just searching for “Mr.Right”!

#2.  Happn:

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Happn is a decent sugar daddy dating site for attempting to make secret arrangements with men you may have met at some function or event in the past. However, these men would need to be members of Happn. 

The profiles of these Happn members will then pop up on your Happn timeline and you can connect with them on the basis of a relationship if you want. While this is a good way to hook up with a sugar daddy, it may not be too reliable.

#3. FeeId:

Site Address:

FeeId used to be known as 3nder and this is one Hong Kong dating site that caters for those with rather peculiar sexual preferences. If you want to engage in casual sexual meetings with absolutely no strings as detached, then FeeId may be what you need. 

There are definitely sugar daddies on this site, but note that the purpose of FeeId is to provide a platform for swingers, a site where singles and couples can meet for threesomes and other sexual favors. This site was not setup primarily for sugar babies to meet with sugar daddies, so you may find it difficult hooking up with someone that is willing to spend dough on you, but it is worth a trial.

#4. Tinder:

Site Address:

Tinder is one of the top dating sites in Hong Kong. Now there are many sugar babies and sugar daddies looking to hook up on this site. If you find someone you really like, you simply need to make use of the “Super Like Feature” which let’s people know that you have got the hots for them. 

Relationships can kick off really fast on Tinder, but like all the other sites mentioned before now, this online dating platform is not built specifically for sugar daddy arrangements. So you would have to do a lot of searching and chatting before you can find someone willing to get with you on that sort of arrangement. 

#5. DateRich:

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DateRich is different from all the other online dating sites. The one major difference lies with its primary focus of engagement. DateRich is a site built specifically to cater for sugar dating for both sugar babies and sugar daddies looking for a mutually beneficial relationship. 

Unlike all the other sites, finding a sugar daddy or a sugar baby on DateRich is very easy, as their members are made up of either of the two. You can meet with someone and establish the terms of your relationship from the onset. 

Discussions and chats are private with no strings attached. You need not ‘beat about the bush’ on DateRich, simply tell someone what you want and see if that person will meet your expectations honestly. Relationships established on DateRich can be longstanding or short lived, it all depends on what you want as a sugar baby.

In Closing

If you are looking for a dating site in Hong Kong that is designed to cater for your need as a sugar baby, then is that online dating platform for you. You don’t need to waste time searching for a sugar daddy of your choosing or trying hard to establish a mutual arrangement that may take up too much time. With, you simply need to sign up for free, browse the available list of sugar daddies in Hong Kong and make contact. It’s that easy!